Health and safety 'boosts business productivity'

Complying with health and safety regulations could boost productivity for businesses, experts have insisted.

According to the British Safety Council (BSC), adhering to the rules helps rather than hinders a company's bottom line.

This, it said, is because it can make them more productive, reduce labour turnover and improve the motivation of workers.

However, director of policy and research at the BSC Neal Stone acknowledged that some businesses feel weighed down by the "burden" of health and safety.

He therefore suggested that "simple and proportionate advice" be handed to companies, as smaller ventures in particular would benefit from this approach.

Mr Stone added that the advantages of having stringent health and safety policies in place have been well documented and proven over the years.

"We see health and safety as an enabler," he commented.

Mr Stone was speaking after the government unveiled a package of measures designed to make it easier for businesses to adhere to health and safety rules without inhibiting growth.

Posted by Craig Williams

25/03/2011 15:48