Landlord to face damages claim for gas error?

Compensation could be awarded to a tenant after it was found that their landlord had potentially put them at risk of contracting carbon monoxide poisoning.

It has been revealed that Michael J Smith, a housing leaser based in Yorkshire, failed to comply with health and safety requirements by not providing his tenant with the Landlord's Gas Safety Record for their property.

Meanwhile, Mr Smith was also found not to have had the house's gas appliances and pipework checked by a professional within the previous 12 months and he also subsequently ignored a warning from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to rectify this situation.

Therefore, the professional could be liable to award his customer compensation for possibly exposing him to an illness which, the BBC reports, causes around 50 deaths in homes around the UK annually after he admitted breaching official Gas Safety Regulations monitored by the HSE during a court case.

Posted by Patrick White

09/03/2011 16:56