Manufacturing firm to face compensation claim?

A Scottish manufacturing company could be liable to receive a claim for personal injury compensation on behalf of an employee who was fatally injured during an accident at work.

The family of Thomas Sturrock, who was 32 years old when he passed away, may decide to seek civil damages from Tullis Russell Papermakers after the worker fell almost 50 feet through a fragile roof at the company's depot in Fife.

The firm - which owns sales and distribution companies across the world in locations such as France, Germany and the US - has been found to be responsible for Mr Sturrock's death, as it did not carry out a thorough risk assessment prior to instructing him to clean the roof of the warehouse.

As a result, Mr Mitchell's family may decide to sue on his behalf.

Meanwhile, Louis Mitchell, a man of 22 years of age, recently suffered severe injuries when he fell through a roof top in Brighton.

Posted by Patrick White

01/03/2011 16:52