Organisations team up to produce guidelines on stress at work management

Stress at work may be reduced among members of staff if companies take notice of new guidelines issued by two organisations earlier this week (March 14th 2011).

Charity Mind has joined forces with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) - which now has more than 200,000 members following its formation in 1974 - to come up with some amendments to the FSB's existing Taking Care Of Business document in a bid to reduce mental health issues in workplaces across the country.

According to the FSB, conditions such as unmanageable stress and depression cost businesses across all sectors as much as £26 billion annually, but the organisation estimates that around a third of this figure could be saved if firms implemented several simple steps.

For instance, offering employees the opportunity to work flexibly and have a say in the planning of their tasks is recommended, as is introducing a supportive system where workers regularly get to talk one-on-one with their boss.

Posted by Craig Williams

15/03/2011 16:22