Plumber awarded £5k injury damages by university

The University of East Anglia has agreed a personal injury compensation settlement of more than £5,000 with a plumber who slipped while working on its premises.

According to the BBC, John Spalding, a man of 65 years of age, slipped over on a wet bin bag while conducting repairs in a library run by the educational institute - which has in excess of 13,000 students - and subsequently sustained "severe facial cuts" as well as three broken teeth.

Therefore, the university has agreed a damages settlement of £5,217 with Mr Spalding, who suffered his injuries as he was fixing a leaking radiator in the building, following a ruling by the Court of Appeal which upheld Norwich County Court's original decision from August 2010.

It was decided that compensation should be set at this amount as Mr Spalding was 50 per cent at fault for the instance of slipping and tripping.

Posted by Helen Jones

04/03/2011 16:27