Report: HSE set to cut workplace safety inspections

Employers appear set to be given more autonomy in terms of ensuring the working environment provided for their members of staff is safe.

That is if a report by the BBC is anything to go by, as the media organisation has learned that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is to cut the number of unannounced inspections on workplaces it conducts by 33 per cent in the near future.

This, the BBC noted, is due to the fact that as part of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's austerity measures, the flagship health and safety watchdog - which aims to help businesses avoid instances of accidents at work - is to have its government grant decreased by 35 per cent.

As a result of this budget alteration, the HSE will now no longer conduct as many such inspections, including in some workplaces where it feels a "significant risk" to the wellbeing of employees exists.

Posted by Patrick White

08/03/2011 16:49