Road traffic accident may lead to whiplash claims

Several drivers may be eligible to pursue personal injury compensation claims on the grounds of whiplash following a road traffic accident in the south of England last week (March 25th 2011).

Five vehicles were involved in a collision on the Weymouth Relief Road in Dorset last Friday afternoon, with six people requiring treatment for whiplash-related injuries - which can affect muscles and ligaments in the neck, back and shoulders - and one woman needing to be taken to Dorset County Hospital as a precautionary measure, the Dorset Echo reports.

The specific cause of the accident is as yet unknown, but PC Graham Davis of Dorset Police, who attended the scene, told the news source that "somebody's made an error in moving traffic", meaning that claims for damages could be forthcoming.

An eyewitness described the crash as "really loud" as it sounded "like an empty lorry going over a road hump".

Posted by Helen Jones

28/03/2011 16:49