RoSPA: Slipping and tripping can be prevented by simple measures

Instances of accidents at work such as slipping and tripping could be reduced if organisations conducted more stringent reviews of how safe their employees' working environment is.

That is according to Roger Bibbings, occupational safety adviser at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), who believes that responsibility falls on companies to make sure their workers can operate in a location that represents minimal threat to their physical wellbeing.

"All organisations should assess their environments for hazards and risks," he explained.

For instance, Mr Bibbings stated that there are several "easy and inexpensive" methods of increasing levels of safety within a workplace, such as implementing "good cleaning regimes" and avoiding any "spillages and contamination".

"Consultation with workers and the public is a good idea," he added.

Mr Bibbings was speaking following the publication of data by the National Patient Safety Agency recently (March 2nd 2011), which revealed that the number of patient safety incidents in England between April and September of last year rose by four per cent.

Posted by Craig Williams

04/03/2011 16:26