Schoolboy seeking damages for head injury

A head injury sustained during an accident involving a car has led to a schoolboy seeking a personal injury compensation settlement.

The Argus newspaper reports that the child, who is now 12 years of age, suffered a fractured skull during the incident in January 2007 when the driver of a vehicle on High Street in the Sussex town of Polegate drove on the pavement and struck the boy and his mother.

Consequently, the news source states that he sustained "frontal contusions" as well as a severe fracture to his skull, which has resulted in a writ being presented to the High Court for his ordeal.

The document detailed that the child required "six hours of emergency neurosurgery" after being airlifted to hospital from the scene and noted that he also had a "fracture to his right dominant wrist".

"As a result of his head injury he developed headaches and epileptic seizures," it added.

Posted by Patrick White

15/03/2011 16:49