Three families to seek damages?

Three families in the north of England may decide to seek personal injury compensation on behalf of family members who have passed away due to asbestos-related illnesses.

According to the York Press, the deaths of elderly men Peter Cregan, Montague Brown and Dennis Hudson were all caused by diseases such as mesothelioma, which are likely to have been brought about by contact with the substance during their careers operating at York Carriageways.

Inquests into the deaths of all three former employees found that their roles had involved coming into contact with asbestos.

For instance, Mr Hudson passed away due to pleural fibrosis, while Mr Cregan, who said prior to his death that he had worked in carriages that were "continuously" sprayed with asbestos, also died because of exposure to the substance.

Meanwhile, the BBC recently reported that the Health and safety Executive is set to see its budget cut by up to 35 per cent in the near future.

Posted by Patrick White

14/03/2011 16:54