Accident at work leads to hand amputation

An employee who was forced to undergo surgery to amputate his right hand following an accident at work may decide to seek a personal injury compensation settlement.

According to the BBC, Conor Fitzsimmons' arm got trapped in the rollers of a printing machine as he attempted to free a bag that had become stuck in the equipment.

The machine in question had not been fitted with the necessary guard, which left his limb exposed to its moving components.

Mr Fitzsimmons told the news source that then accident caused him "extreme pain" and described his life as "hell" since losing his hand. He noted: "I can't tie shoe laces [or] put a pair of socks on, I can't do anything."

In a subsequent court case, building supplies firm James Glennon Packaging admitted to breaching health and safety regulations, meaning that he could be eligible for compensation.

"I would go out, but I can't do anything, even playing football I'm falling all the time because of my balance," the victim added.

Posted by Patrick White

18/04/2011 16:58