Asbestos inspections 'on the rise'

Regulation aimed at cutting instances of asbestos-related illnesses in the UK has increased in recent times despite the effects of the government's spending cuts.

This is according to the Daily Mirror, which has noted that its Asbestos Timebomb campaign, launched two years ago, has helped to boost the frequency with which employers are visited by experts from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to make sure they are complying with laws regarding the potentially lethal substance.

For instance, the news source stated that in 2007, one in every 53 asbestos removal jobs were supervised by inspectors from the regulatory body, but this figure has since increased to one in 18 such tasks.

This is because the HSE has opted to use additional resources to combat the number of deaths resulting from illnesses such as mesothelioma, which, official figures show, caused 2,249 fatalities in 2008.

Posted by Craig Williams

07/04/2011 17:14