Broken bones could lead to personal injury compensation claim

Broken bones sustained by a man during an accident at work may result in him seeking a personal injury compensation settlement.

The unnamed labourer suffered a fractured skull as well as five broken vertebrae when he fell a distance of four to five metres from a barn roof in Mansfield and landed on a grain bucket.

At the time of this incident, the employee of IFT Services - a specialist steel and aluminium manufacturing firm based in the Nottinghamshire town - was removing nails from a board while standing on a scaffolding platform.

However, there was nothing in place to prevent him from falling and in a subsequent case heard at Mansfield Magistrates' Court, the company admitted breaching section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Lee Greatorex, an inspector for the Health and Safety Executive, stated that the worker had been "extremely lucky to survive" his ordeal.

Posted by Craig Williams

26/04/2011 16:54