Compensation claim could be lodged following accident at work

An accident at work that caused a man to suffer a severe head injury could result in a claim for personal injury compensation being made on his behalf.

Shaun Stevens passed away 12 days after falling around four metres from a temporary roof while operating for Bristol-based scaffolding company Flooks in the south-western city.

During a court case heard at Bristol Crown Court, owner of the firm Russell Lee Flook admitted to breaching regulations listed under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, meaning Mr Stevens' injuries were caused by his negligence.

At the time of the incident, the 44-year-old was taking apart a corrugated sheet when he fell. Therefore, his family could opt to sue Mr Flook on behalf of their loved one.

Sue Adsett, inspector for the Health and Safety Executive, commented: "Corrugated tin temporary roofs are inherently dangerous to erect and dismantle. Employers need to reconsider how they do this work and not just repeat how they have done it in the past."

By Helen Jones

28/04/2011 13:32