Compensation could be paid after accident at work

A company responsible for dealing with asbestos at a demolition site may soon be faced with demands for compensation following an accident at work.

Huddersfield Magistrates' Court has heard three members of staff from Newlincs Services in Grimsby were almost overcome by deadly carbon monoxide while on a job.

Richard McKearnen, Tony Deakin and Paul Wainwright - all from Sheffield - were on duty at a site in Huddersfield in November 2009.

Each of the men went through a three-stage decontamination unit, but began to feel nauseous and dizzy when carbon monoxide infiltrated the structure.

"Carbon monoxide can be a silent killer in the home and, as this case demonstrates, also in the workplace," explained the Health and Safety Executive's inspector David Stewart.
All of the staff could opt to press for compensation after suffering a potentially devastating incident at work.

Earlier this week, the Daily Mirror reported that asbestos inspections around the country are on the rise, with regulators aiming to cut the number of illnesses caused by the material.

Posted by Helen Jones

08/04/2011 17:02