Cyclist awarded £2k injury compensation

Personal injury compensation of £2,000 has been awarded to a cyclist who was hurt after hitting a pothole in Yorkshire.

Peter Lodge was travelling to Littleborough when he came into contact with the hazard and subsequently suffered several cuts and bruises when he was thrown from his bicycle.

The pothole in question surrounded a valve cover belonging to Yorkshire Water and the 52-year-old has now been granted a damages settlement of £2,000 from the organisation, which supplies more than 1.2 billion litres of water to residents of the northern county on a daily basis.

Mr Lodge sought legal advice from cyclists' organisation CTC and was then represented by Russell Jones & Walker (RJW).

He has called on local authorities to make sure potholes are repaired quickly to avoid such accidents.

Sara Heppenstall of RJW commented: "Potholes present a serious risk for all road-users, causing damage to cars and injury to cyclists."

Posted by Helen Jones

26/04/2011 16:55