Employee could seek compensation after accident at work

Blindness and eye injuries sustained during an accident at work may result in a worker seeking a personal injury compensation settlement from his employer.

John Ingram, who operated as a builder and fitter for Balsham, suffered serious head injuries and was blinded in one eye when he fell from scaffolding while working on a refurbishment project on a farm building in Hertfordshire.

Mr Ingham was dismounting a tower scaffold erected in a freight container and slipped on his way down, the impact of which left him comatose for a number of days and with broken bones in his face.

As a result of this incident, the 55-year-old could not work for a period of eight months and can now only operate on a part-time basis, meaning that, after his employer admitted negligence in a subsequent court case, he could pursue a claim for compensation.

Official data from the Health and Safety Executive shows that more than 4,000 severe injuries were caused by falls from height in 2008-09.

Posted by Patrick White

06/04/2011 16:48