Factory worker could seek compensation after accident at work

A factory worker may decide to seek personal injury compensation for the horrific injuries he sustained during an accident at work after his employer admitted negligence.

Gary McKeown's left hand was severed as he worked at the depot of Matrix Polymers in the northern town of Prescot and although it was subsequently re-attached by medical professionals, he was left permanently disfigured as he lost all four fingers and his thumb.

Mr McKeown's hand became caught in the rotating blades of a blender as he emptied plastic granules from the bottom of the industrial equipment and an investigation conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) ruled that the machine he was using at the time had been faulty for more than 12 months.

This comes after the HSE recently published a new online directory which lists in excess of 1,600 trustworthy consultants for businesses to choose from when seeking advice on improving the safety of their workplace.

Posted by Helen Jones

01/04/2011 16:54