Family may seek compensation for asbestos-related death

A family could decide to seek personal injury compensation after an inquest ruled that an elderly relative passed away from an asbestos-related illness she contracted at her workplace.

According to the Oxford Times, pensioner Elizabeth Stephenson worked at a factory managed by the Morris Motor company in the small Oxfordshire urban area of Cowley for a period of six months in the 1950s.

Liz Tong, daughter of the 86-year-old woman who died in December 2010 following a long series of various illnesses including a stroke, told the news source that her mother operated in the trim shop section of the depot.

Despite not coming into direct contact with asbestos - which can cause illnesses such as mesothelioma - herself, Ms Stephenson breathed the substance in on a regular basis as it was spread by "people working above her", she added.

Coroner Nicholas Gardiner said he would be "recording that she died from an industrial disease", meaning her family may seek damages on her behalf.

By Patrick White

28/04/2011 13:34