Government publishes accident at work proposals

Businesses are set to benefit from reduced regulation in the health and safety sector which is intended to help them reduce the number of accidents at work occurring within their organisations.

The Department for Work and Pensions - which is headed up by Iain Duncan Smith - has published the initial draft guidance from prominent management specialist Professor Lofstedt's review into health and safety legislation.

Within this documentation, the expert outlines ways in which rules surrounding this area of business can be simplified in order to "ease the unnecessary burdens" on companies through cutting the amount of red tape in the sector.

The government intends these measures to give employers greater responsibility in implementing their own regulations to prevent accidents at work occurring.

Employment minister Chris Grayling said Professor Lofstedt's review will "put common sense back at the heart of Britain's health and safety system" by "rooting out needless bureaucracy".

Posted by Patrick White

21/04/2011 13:08