Homeowners may seek compensation after shoddy gas work

Personal injury compensation claims may be forthcoming from the owners of two homes on the grounds of carbon monoxide poisoning after defective work at their properties led to gas leaks.

Three residences in Wales had appliances and piping installed by a pair of fitters who are not listed on the Gas Safe Register, a body which was established in 2009 and is compulsory for all such professionals to be a member of if carrying out such duties.

Anthony Hughes and his employee Justin Owen conducted work that, in two of the three houses, resulted in gas leaks, meaning that the homeowners will have been exposed to the potentially lethal substance carbon monoxide.

Dave Wynne, inspector for the Health and Safety Executive, commented that the pair showed a "blatant disregard for the law" and committed "rudimentary" errors that "put people's lives at risk".

Mr Wynne went on to say they "clearly demonstrated a lack of competence in even the most basic of work".

Posted by Helen Jones

14/04/2011 17:05