Nestle and Mars facing compensation claim from worker with asbestosis

Two major food manufacturing companies are being sued for compensation by an electrician who believes they are responsible for his contraction of an asbestos-related illness.

According to online resource Get Bracknell, 66-year-old Charles Parker claims he has been affected by asbestosis as a direct result of the negligence of Nestle and Mars, for whom he worked for years between 1969 and 1999.

Mr Parker stated in a writ issued to the High Court that he came into regular contact with the potentially lethal substance throughout this time, particularly as he worked with pipes containing the material.

As a result he now suffers with pleural plaques and asbestosis and medical professionals have informed him that his respiratory capacity will deteriorate by ten per cent every seven years from now on.

This comes after Nestle Purina pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety regulations following an accident at work in which five workers suffered burns and scarring at its depot in Wisbech.

Posted by Patrick White

26/04/2011 16:57