Parents could opt to seek asbestos compensation

Personal injury compensation claims could be forthcoming from several parents after it emerged that many pupils at a school had been exposed to asbestos.

According to Newbury Today, approximately 70 young children had to be evacuated from Kintbury St Mary's Primary School due to the fact that a ceiling containing the potentially lethal substance was disturbed during a scientific experiment.

The news source explained that a chemical reaction in a classroom test damaged the surface and fibres of asbestos were subsequently released into the atmosphere at the educational institution.

Phil Spray, spokesman for the local education authority at West Berkshire Council - which is led by councillor Graham Jones - commented that levels of the substance were found to be "very, very low" by health and safety inspectors.

However, some 70 children, as well as members of staff at the school, were evacuated while the room where the explosion took place was sealed off.

Posted by Craig Williams

01/04/2011 16:53