Pensioner awarded £25k compensation following bus accident

A head injury sustained during an accident in a public place has resulted in an elderly woman being awarded a personal injury compensation settlement of £25,000.

Pensioner Doreen Tyler hit her head after colliding with a pole as she disembarked a public bus in the West Midlands town of Wednesbury - situated around 12 miles away from Birmingham - two years ago.

As a result of this incident, which happened when the driver braked sharply, the 82-year-old was thrown to the floor of the vehicle and suffered multiple cuts and bruises, as well as a head injury that prevents her from walking without pain.

Mrs Tyler - who said she was "sprightly" for her age prior to the accident - subsequently did not leave her house for six months and noted the incident "knocked me for six".

"I now have trouble getting around my own home and had to make adaptations," she added.

Posted by Craig Williams

11/04/2011 16:52