Pensioner seeks compensation after fall

A shoulder injury sustained during an accident in a public place has resulted in an elderly woman seeking a personal injury compensation settlement.

According to the Daily Record, pensioner Margaret Graham suffered a dislocation to the joint as well as damage to the tendons in her shoulder when she fell over at St Adamnan Episcopal church, a small structure constructed in 1794 in the Perthshire area of Kilmaveonaig.

Following this incident, the 78-year-old needed to be taken to hospital by ambulance and had to stay at the nearby medical institution for a period of two days afterwards.

In addition, she then required "months of physiotherapy" to fully repair the damage caused, the news source added.

Ms Graham fell when she stumbled on a homemade doormat as she prepared a flower arrangement for a service at the place of worship and stated that she felt "depressed" in the aftermath of the accident.

Posted by Craig Williams

20/04/2011 17:00