Pub employee suffers burns in kitchen accident

A man may wish to make an injury compensation claim after sustaining burns and scarring in an accident at work.

Joe Sellman-Leava was carrying out his duties in the kitchen of the Chevalier pub - which is part of the JD Wetherspoon chain - in Exeter when the incident occurred, BBC News Devon reports.

Although he was wearing gloves, the staff member did not have a full-length apron or protective goggles on when the machine door was opened.

Hot steam then escaped from the equipment, which is used to clean commercial kitchen hoods, pots, pans and grills, burning his face.

Mr Sellman-Leave also dropped the grill plates he was carrying, causing hot water to burn his body and legs.

Speaking at Exeter Magistrates' Court, a lawyer for JD Wetherspoon said: "While the incident and injuries must have been frightening and unpleasant, they were not life-threatening or permanent."

The representative also highlighted that the brand, which offers award-winning training schemes for its employees, has a previous good safety record.

Posted by Patrick White

07/04/2011 15:30