Research: Under-25s most affected by stress at work

Younger members of the British population are more likely than their older colleagues to suffer with health issues caused by stress at work, new research has suggested.

According to a study conducted by, people under the age of 25 are the "most stressed" age group in the country at present, with 54 per cent of those in this category indicating they feel their anxiety levels being between eight and ten on a scale where one equals "not at all stressed" and ten translates to "extremely stressed" at some point during the last week.

This survey involved questioning more than 1,900 adults and also established that females suffer emotional hardship at work more frequently than males.

Claus Kaaber - chief executive officer at the organisation, which was founded in 2009 to offer one-to-one sessions with experts to help people deal with stress - commented: "Stress is certainly one of the most common mental health problems, triggered by many aspects of everyday life."

Posted by Craig Williams

21/04/2011 13:01