Road traffic accident may lead to whiplash compensation claim

A road traffic accident could result in a personal injury compensation award for a motorist.

The Bury Times reports that three cars were involved in a collision in Bury - a town located in Greater Manchester - that required police to attend the scene, with one of the drivers being treated at the scene for whiplash, a condition that can affect muscles, tendons and ligaments in the back, shoulders and neck.

This crash occurred on the northbound side of the M66 motorway on Friday (April 15th) afternoon and attending officers, as well as officials from the Highways Agency, decided to close off one lane of it in order to deal with the accident.

Whiplash injuries are a common cause of personal injury compensation settlements and can affect people for up to six months after their onset, but the NHS states that the average recovery time for such problems is 32 days.

Posted by Patrick White

15/04/2011 17:09