Study finds many schools unprepared for threat of asbestos

The government is failing to ensure that schoolchildren and teachers up and down the country are completely safe from contracting asbestos-related illnesses.

That is according to a nationwide survey conducted by the Joint Union Asbestos Campaign (JUAC) - an organisation originally set up in 1884 and has 160,000 members across the UK - which has found that 80 per cent of school representatives have not been give sufficient training in how to deal with asbestos exposure.

In addition, just 28 per cent of the 600 professionals questioned indicated their workplace had clearly marked the presence of materials containing the potentially lethal substance.

As a result, many people could be at risk of diseases such as asbestosis or mesothelioma, which has prompted the body to urge the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance to act sooner rather than later.

Julie Winn, chair of the JUAC, stated: "It is worrying that such a large gap exists when it comes to marking the presence of asbestos."

Posted by Craig Williams

18/04/2011 16:59