Couple seek food poisoning compensation

According to the Brentwood Weekly News, Robert Parker and Theresa Parker-Isles headed off to the Yucatan Peninsular in the central American nation to celebrate their marriage in M…


Arm injury may result in compensation claim

John Armstrong was working for Firstan - a Cambridgeshire-based independent firm that manufactures and prints packaging for pharmaceuticals for various sectors - when his limb sus…


Stress at work 'unproductive in all professions'

The effects of the worldwide economic downturn have resulted in an increased number of people enduring stressful situations in their workplace, as many have found their positions …


Stress ‘a taboo word’ for worried UK workers

Why workers are staying silent about their stress levels, who you should talk to about workplace worries and what the financial cost of stress-related absences is.


Pressure sores: a very modern danger

Why pressure sores still continue to cause extreme discomfort for patients and a list of the best ways of treating them. Plus: a medical professional’s account of helping patients…

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