Accident at work may result in compensation award

An accident at work that left a man with permanent hand injuries may lead to him seeking compensation from his former employer.

David Millband had to undergo two operations on his right hand after an incident at a depot managed by The Crimpled Paper Works resulted in him partially severing his thumb and losing three fingers.

This accident occurred when Mr Millband's hand got stuck in a reel-fed machine as he conducted a visual check of the piece of equipment. An investigation revealed he was trying to remove loose paper from it, but did not know the machine was still running.

In a subsequent case heard at Buxton Magistrates' Court, the company admitted breaching clause 11(1) of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, meaning the 46-year-old may seek compensation.

This comes after a 41-year-old man also sustained a severe hand injury at a steel plant in Cardiff.

Posted by Patrick White

20/05/2011 16:55