APIL criticises government's injury compensation reforms

Those claiming compensation for injuries such as broken bones sustained during accidents at work have been done a disservice by the government in its latest reforms, an expert has suggested.

According to David Bott - president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, a body established by solicitors in 1990 to champion the rights of injured people - recent proposals put forward by the coalition do not go far enough to help those affected by such incidents.

Mr Bott explained that while a ten per cent increase to general damages for victims is to be welcomed, this figure "still falls short of Law Commission recommendations that they should go up by at least 50 per cent".

He went on to note it is "bitterly disappointing" that the Ministry of Justice is "seduced by the myth of a so-called compensation culture", as a recent report by Lord Young had shown this to be more "perception than reality".

Posted by Craig Williams

20/05/2011 16:53