Compensation claim may follow after asbestos-related disease

The family of a man who died due to an asbestos-related illness may decide to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation on his behalf.

According to the Oxford Mail, Neil Woodward passed away at the age of 75 in May 2010 from cancer, which, it has now been revealed, was caused by mesothelioma after his lengthy career working as a stonemason in the city.

It was initially unclear as to what had caused Mr Woodward's death, but this development has resulted in his family appealing for more information from his former colleagues with regard to how he contracted his condition - which damages the inner-cell lining of the lungs - and whether others have also been affected.

Jane Woodward, the man's granddaughter, said his health "was always fine" but added "he sometimes had problems breathing but that must have been a prolonged symptom of this illness that we didn't know about", meaning a claim for damages may be forthcoming.

Posted by Craig Williams

23/05/2011 16:55