Figures show fall in road traffic accidents in Wales

Road traffic accidents are becoming less frequent on highways in Wales, new official statistics have shown.

According to data published by the Welsh government recently (May 25th), roads in the nation are now at their safest levels since records began some 43 years ago, meaning that personal injury claims may now occur there less often than in the past.

The Roads Casualties in Wales 2010 report indicates there was a 24 per cent decline in the number of fatalities caused by road traffic accidents in Wales last year, as 95 people lost their lives in 2010 in comparison to 125 in 2009.

Meanwhile, there was an annual drop of nine per cent in the number of serious injuries sustained in such incidents, as well as a three per cent fall in minor health issues resulting from crashes.

This comes shortly after research by the Road Safety Foundation established that conditions are improving on highways in Scotland.

Posted by Helen Jones

26/05/2011 16:49