Research: 41% of Britons struggling with stress at work

Stress at work is affecting a large proportion of the British population, new research has shown.

According to a study conducted by Mind - a leading mental health charity with more than 180 associations - 41 per cent of all employees across the country are either stressed or very stressed in their jobs at present, with 66 per cent indicating they have been put under more pressure by their boss following the recession.

Furthermore, the survey - which involved questioning in excess of 2,000 workers - showed that 21 per cent of all respondents feel it to be better to stay quiet about their problems, as any admission that they are struggling would lead to them being first in line to lose their job.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, observed this is indicative of the huge stigma attached to such issues that still exists in the UK.

"The negativity that persists around stress and mental health problems is unacceptable in a modern workforce," he added.

Posted by Craig Williams

16/05/2011 16:49