Road traffic accident could lead to compensation claim

A road traffic accident could result in a couple seeking personal injury compensation settlements for their ordeals.

According to the Herald Express, a man in his 30s and a woman in her 20s needed treatment at the Derriford Hospital - an institution managed by the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust - after they were involved in a crash on the A38 in Devon earlier this week (May 17th).

The female involved sustained broken bones, including a fractured hip, while the male required surgery, a spokesman from the local police force told the news source.

This official noted that the pair were lucky not to have sustained even more serious injuries during the incident, which saw their vehicle plunge down a tree-filled bank by the side of the highway after colliding with a road sign.

Meanwhile, Chris Coles, an incident response officer, commented: "It's fortunate they survived such a horrendous accident."

Posted by Patrick White

19/05/2011 16:59