Stress at work 'unproductive in all professions'

Stress at work can result in professionals suffering a loss of productivity in their roles, an expert has noted.



The effects of the worldwide economic downturn have resulted in an increased number of people enduring stressful situations in their workplace, as many have found their positions under heightened pressure.


However, Neil Shah, director at the Stress Management Society, has suggested that avoiding feeling this way is essential for overall wellbeing and professional performance.


Mr Shah explained that stress was designed by the body as a physical response to help people overcome challenging situations, therefore meaning that biology does not cater for the feeling of stress while individuals are "stuck at a desk or in front of a computer".


"Getting stressed in those situations ultimately becomes a counterproductive response," he stated.


In an interview published in the Guardian recently, a range of organisations noted they had experienced an increased number of A-level students seeking psychological help to help with stress this year.


Posted by Craig Williams

31/05/2011 16:17