Health and Safety breach led to severe back injury

Accident at work could lead to compensation claim

An accident at work that caused a man to suffer broken bones among other serious injuries may result in him pursuing a claim for compensation.

Matthew Lowe sustained fractures to his ribs, pelvis and hips, as well as a severe back injury during an accident at a depot managed by Compass Engineering, a steel manufacturing company established in 1985, in Barnsley in December 2008.

The work man who was 23 at the time, was forced through a small opening on a processing machine when his clothing became snagged on the moving parts of the equipment as he checked a line of work.

An investigation into the accident established that the machine had not been installed with an adequate guard, meaning that the negligence of Compass caused Mr Lowe's injuries.

In a case at Barnsley Magistrates' Court, the firm admitted breaching Health and Safety legislation, therefore accepting responsibility.

Posted by Helen Jones

07/06/2011 16:49