Accident in a public place may result in compensation

An accident in a public place that left a young girl with a head injury may result in a claim for personal injury compensation being made.

The unnamed seven-year-old was trapped underwater for more than two minutes at the Waterside Swimming Pool on Canvey Island when her hair was sucked into the water sampling outlet at the side of the baths.

In order to free her, the youngster's great grandfather was forced to pull a clump of her hair out and, after being removed from the water, she was unconscious and blue in colour.

An investigation conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) established that Castle Point Borough Council - the organisation responsible for the centre and led by councillor David Marchant - had not maintained this piece of equipment properly.

Therefore, the girl's family may decide to pursue a claim for damages on her behalf for the authority's negligence.

Posted by Helen Jones

22/06/2011 16:49