Accident in public place may lead to compensation claims

An accident in a public place may result in two people seeking personal injury compensation settlements from a building company.

Brendan Flynn Construction - a Harrow-based organisation - was conducting carpentry work at a project in the town of Crawley when some poorly-secured cladding on the building was blown off.

This panelling landed on the pavement below, with one piece causing a serious ankle injury to a pensioner and another resulting in severe bruising on a man's arm.

An investigation into this incident found that several other parts of the material had also fallen due to not being properly secured and - in a case heard at Crawley Magistrates' Court - the firm admitted breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Russell Becket of the Health and Safety Executive commented: "The incident had horrendous consequences, which could have been far worse."

This comes after Roger Bibbings of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents noted that companies could employ a specialist to help them enhance their awareness of health and safety rules.

Posted by Helen Jones

14/06/2011 16:19