Arm injury could lead to compensation pursuit

Arm injury could lead to compensation pursuit

A man who lost an arm during an accident at work may decide to seek personal injury compensation for his ordeal.

Ray Wright, a former army serviceman, had his right forearm severed when it came into contact with the moving parts of a baling machine while he worked at a depot managed by Transwaste Recycling at Hessle Dock in the north of England.

The 34-year-old tripped over a tube of scaffolding in front of the equipment and, as a result, his arm went into the baling chamber of the machine, consequently cutting off most of his limb.

An investigation into the incident, which took place in April 2009, revealed that his employer had failed to install a proper barrier over the equipment, meaning Mr Wright's arm was not prevented from entering it.

Recently, it emerged that Heinz may face legal action after one of its employees lost the index finger on his left hand during an accident at its factory in Wigan.

Posted by Helen Jones

06/06/2011 16:36