Bosses 'must not ignore stress at work'

Employers who ignore the effects of stress at work on their members of staff are putting the long-term prospects of their organisation at risk.



That is the view of Kevin Friery, clinical director at Right Corecare, who has said that managers who fail to consider the mental wellbeing of their employees may run into problems such as talent drift and "presenteeeism".


Mr Friery explained that workers feeling anxious in the aftermath of the recession are likely to "take an easy option" through either leaving their job or consistently underperforming unless their boss steps in to rectify the situation.


He noted that stress at work represents a "major business risk" that all managers should strive to avoid, particularly after the recession.


Research published by Simplyhealth earlier this month (June 6th) showed that around 20 per cent of all UK workers believe their boss now cares less about their health and wellbeing than this time last year.


Posted by Craig Williams

16/06/2011 16:50