Botox –facing up to some facts

Botox facing up to some facts

Botox needles and treatments are now not only found in doctors’ surgeries; your local dentist might well stock the treatment. If you fancy a more informal setting then why not look up a nail bar in the Yellow Pages? Or you could always have your first treatment among supportive friends at a Botox Party.

Actress Susan George, who has starred in TV shows such as A Bouquet of Barbed Wire and A Fine Romance, quite sensibly visited a fully-qualified cosmetic surgeon in in a legitimate clinic when she chose to have her first Botox treatment on her 60th birthday.

But she was horrified by the results – suffering severe flu symptoms, terrible headaches and eyebrows which made her look like “something from Planet of the Apes”.

Claims Direct can help people make personal injury claims if they have suffered as a result of medical negligence but, if you do decide to opt for Botox, what can you do before consenting to treatment to ensure that the procedure is successful?

Botox treatment – be prepared

•Visit the clinic first. Is it clean? Is emergency treatment available

•Ensure the surgeon is registered and well-trained – they should have a quality assurance mark from the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services’ voluntary register

•You should be asked to give consent prior to treatment, having been told about possible complications and side-effects

•Also ask if you can see patient testimonials so that you can evaluate that the treatment rate is successful

•Price: typical treatment costs about £250; if it costs much less it might well be too good to be true

•Find out about alternatives to Botox – for example fillers and skin creams. There might be a treatment which is more suited to you

•If you are worried about suffering pain during the anaesthetic-free procedure you can ask for topical creams and cold packs to be applied to numb the area of the skin involved

•Find out the level of after-care before you have treatment. You should be seen two weeks after the injection to check that you are okay

Four things to consider before Botox treatment

Limitations – Botox works on wrinkles that develop where muscles contract frequently. It does not work on lines and creases caused by sun exposure or on the saggy skin that comes with old age. Also bear in mind that Botox tends to work best on the upper third of the face – if you can grow a long fringe this might prove cheaper!

Side-effects – these can include facial paralysis, droopy eyelids, swelling and rashes; all high prices to pay for a beauty treatment. Most of these conditions are believed to be the result of the toxin having been injected incorrectly but different people do react in different ways to Botox. While the side-effects are acknowledged to be very rare they are unpleasant.

One step forward, two steps back? -  Some dermatology experts have put forward evidence that continued Botox use can cause the formation of new wrinkles near the injection site. Some believe that neighbouring muscles have much more work to do when certain muscles are immobilised by Botox.