Burns and scarring leads to £11k compensation award

An instance of burns and scarring that occurred in a school ended in a pupil being awarded £11,000 in personal injury compensation, it has emerged.

A freedom of information request has led to Middlesbrough Council publishing figures relating to damages claims made against educational institutions in the region since 2008, the Daily Mail reports.

It has been revealed that along with the aforementioned £11,000 settlement, the local authority also granted a sum of £4,500 to another child who was hurt when falling over.

In total, the council was compelled to hand out £34,000 in the three-year period and a spokesman for the body told the news source that these payments were fair and represent its recognition of a duty of care for its schoolchildren.

"As a council we accepted liability on these claims," he stated.

Recently, Mark Rushbrook sustained burns and scarring during an accident at work in Bedfordshire and could now seek damages for his ordeal.

Posted by Patrick White

09/06/2011 16:56