Compensation claims made by parents for broken bones

Several personal injury compensation claims have been launched against the National Trust due to afflictions such as broken bones.

According to the Daily Mail, a branch measuring 70 feet fell from a tree onto a group of school children during a visit to Fellbrigg Hall in Norfolk in the summer of 2007 - an incident that resulted in the death of Daniel Mullinger, an 11-year-old pupil at Heathland Primary School.

Meanwhile, classmates Katie Farthing and Max Farely suffered broken bones as well as a form of post-traumatic stress disorder due to their ordeal and Harry Bowen sustained life-threatening injuries that kept him off school for more than a year, the news source added.

Therefore, the parents of these children are seeking damages from the National Trust on the grounds that the body's negligence was the cause of this accident.

This comes after the Yorkshire Post reported that Jason Thatcher was awarded a multi-million pound settlement for a serious head injury he sustained when he was hit by a falling branch in his garden.

Posted by Helen Jones

23/06/2011 16:58