Compensation claims may follow asbestos-related illnesses

Personal injury compensation may be pursued by families after inquests revealed two of their loved ones passed away due to asbestos-related illnesses.

An examination showed that Trevor Pitman died of mesothelioma - a condition that affects the inner-cell lining of the lungs - in March this year at the age of 92, while Patricia Morgan, aged 73, also passed away due to the same condition at a similar time, according to the Bournemouth Echo.

The news source states that Mr Pitman worked as an engineer in the Merchant Navy during the second World War - a time when asbestos lagging was used in many vessels - while Ms Morgan operated as a secretary at the London Asbestos Company in the 1960s.

Consequently, their families may decide to seek damages on their behalf on the grounds that they were not given sufficient protection from the lethal substance by their respective employers.

Posted by Helen Jones

03/06/2011 16:37