Employees 'can contribute to their own stress at work'

Stress at work may turn into more serious mental health issues as it can lead to a downward spiral in the self-confidence of employees, an expert has suggested.



According to Terri Bodell, The Stress Doctor, members of staff can contribute to their own downfall when it comes to suffering from anxiety, as such issues become something of a "self-fulfilling prophecy".


Ms Bodell explained that once they feel stressed, it is easy for individuals to slip into a cycle of negativity surrounding their job, which is then very difficult to break out of.


She noted that if people are worried about the prospect of having their wages cut or being made redundant, this will lower the quality of their work and result in "silly mistakes" being made.


These comments came after the publication of research by the Chartered Management Institute earlier this month, which revealed that 39 per cent of workers feel the behaviour of their boss increases stress at work.


Posted by Patrick White

24/06/2011 17:07