Employees 'should be proactive to avoid stress at work'

Employees can help themselves to avoid encountering mental health issues such as stress at work frequently.

That is the opinion of Ruth Spellman, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), who believes that members of staff can join forces with their bosses in order to boost morale in a working environment.

Ms Spellman explained this is a good way for companies to make sure their professional environments do not become stale and uninspiring locations, something that may be particularly pertinent in the aftermath of the recession.

She noted employees should be proactive in their attempts at enhancing enthusiasm in their workplace by considering questions such as "how can they feed their ideas to the manager?" and "what kind of dialogue needs to be happening in a company?"

Recently, research by Simplyhealth showed that around 20 per cent of all workers in the UK feel their place of employment has changed negatively over the last 12 months.

Posted by Craig Williams

14/06/2011 16:19