Head injury may lead to compensation claim

Head injury may lead to compensation claim

An accident at work that left a man with a serious head injury could result in him deciding to seek a compensation settlement.

Richard Chodkiewicz sustained a brain injury when a scaffolding tube dropped on his head from a height of 15 storeys as he worked on the construction site of a new Radisson hotel in Bristol.

The 53-year-old was employed by Hoistway to help install a lift at the premises when the accident occurred, as a colleague positioned on the 18th floor of the lift shaft dropped the seven-pound piece of equipment.

This was attached to a piano wire and reached the 15th floor before becoming untied and falling unhindered to strike Mr Chodkiewicz.

A case heard at Bristol Crown Court has ended in Hoistway and Miller Construction - the chief contractor on the site - admitting to breaches of health and safety regulations, meaning the man may seek damages.

This comes after an unnamed worker at the Nabignai Investment Company suffered a serious head injury when he fell five metres at a development site in London.

Posted by Helen Jones

27/06/2011 16:48