Hearing problems result in £8k settlement

Personal injury compensation in excess of £8,000 has been awarded to a man on the grounds of deafness and hearing problems.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Graham Wild worked as a bin man for some 30 years near his home in the Greater Manchester area of Middleton but was never provided with protective equipment for his ears by Rochdale Council.

Due to his consistent exposure to loud noises, the 50-year-old has now been diagnosed with slight hearing loss as well as tinnitus, meaning he now has to wear hearing aids.

As a result, his employer has awarded him a sum of £8,250 after it was revealed the authority had never offered protection or advice on safety to Mr Wild throughout his career.

He told the news source he was "furious" when he found out his hearing had been permanently damaged.

This comes after soldier Liam Bell was granted a sum of £40,000 for hearing problems he has after taking part in a firing drill without ear protectors, the Lancashire Evening Post reported.

Posted by Patrick White

22/06/2011 16:50